After School JuYeon – I want to See you all Soon!

Date: 17th March two thousand and twelve
Blog Title: This is SO much ♪ Juyeon who Loves Japan

Hello to all the Playgirlz Japan!
This is Juyeon who loves Japan so much♪

The other day when the other members where chatting I secretly borrowed a camera~^^
Then, when they realize it I wonder if they will be surprised saying, “When was this taken?”… Fufufu (* Note: A Japanese onomatopoeia for evil laughter) 

By the way, this is the backstage from the studio where we’re doing a CM!
What type of CM will it be?

Soon we’ll have the chance to meet again, so I’ll leave you like this until then.
I want to see you all soon! Really!
Look forward to it, please~♪

By Juyeon.


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