After School Jung Ah Blog Update:Let’s all Enjoy Spring Together!

Date: 15th March 2012
Blog Title: Hello, this is Jungah. Are you all doing fine??

Hello, This is Jungah. 
Are you doing all Fine??
Finally, yesterday! 
Our album “PLAYGIRLZ” came out! 
Have you already gotten it??
There are some music videos, you can see some off-shots, videos from our debut, the a-nation, 
these sort of things, you can remember so many things. It’s so nostalgic, right?
To debut in Japan and to meet everyone there is something that really makes me happy!

Also, today, we’re in the middle of preparations for our ‘live’, I hope you can all come to see us ♪ 
More Becoming the Weather’s warm. 
Let’s all Enjoy Spring Together!


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