Rainbow ‘Gonna Gonna GO!’ Single Release *UPDATE ALARM*

Sorry for the late UPDATE ALARM folks…Got too busy today…Mianhaeyo~ ^^

14th March 2012: RAINBOW’s 3rd Japanese single ‘Gonna Gonna Go!’ is finally out! To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to its release much but I kinda like the song now!:) These girls are slowly picking up on their popularity in Japan following the footsteps of their sister group,the immensely popular in Japan,KARA. I have always loved their songs ‘A’ & ‘Mach’ which are kinda very strong dance songs. This single album comes with 3 tracks: The main track ‘Gonna Gonna Go!’,its instrumental version as well as a new Japanese song called ‘Hello’.

The single was first announced by the store Amazon Japan on February 12 and then officially announced by their Korean label, DSP Media, on February 15.It was also announced the group will participate in a handshake event to commemorate the release of the single on March 17 and 18.

The limited edition of the regular edition comes with the song “Hoi Hoi”, released by the sub-unit Rainbow Pixie, which is composed by the members SeungAh, Jisook and HyunYoung. The song was already released in South Korea as a digital single.

“Gonna Gonna Go!” was produced by Han Sang Won, same producer of the song “Not Your Girl”, included as a b-side on the single “Mach”, as well the Korean version, included on their debut EP “Gossip Girl“.





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