After School ‘Playgirlz’ Album Release *UPDATE ALARM*

Hey guys~

I have decided to start with this innovative(sorry for not being modest here!) idea of ‘Album Release ALARM’. From now on whenever any new album/single/mini-album will be releasing of any of my super-fave bands here,I will update or wake you all up by an ‘update alarm’! Its not an actual alarm but just as an alarm clock works to make you remember an important event or time,so will these updates! That’s why I have decided to name it an ‘UPDATE ALARM’…Hope U guys like this idea!Please guys I need your comments to know what you all feel…Do let them come on in!

Anyways here is the 1st UPDATE ALARM(YAY!)


14th March 2012: AFTERSCHOOL 1st Japanese Album ‘Playgirlz’ is finally out! OMG! These lovely girls have surely become popular in Japan to finally come out with their full length album which features a total of 11 songs which includes their previous released singles ‘Bang!’, ‘Diva’ & ‘Rambling Girls’.

The album will be released in three different editions: CD & DVD Limited Press Edition, CD & DVD Edition, and the Regular CD Edition.

The CD & DVD Limited Press Edition contains the CD album, and a DVD containing the “Japan Premium Party -Bang! Bang! Bang!- Live at AKASAKA BLITZ” show, along with Playcards and 1 trading card randomly selected out of 9 different styles.

The CD & DVD Edition contains the CD album and a DVD containing the 5 Original Japanese Version music videos, and three Japanese Dance Edit Version music videos of Bang!, Diva and Rambling Girls. It all comes in a cardboard slipcase, once again including 1 trading card out of 9 different styles along with other trading cards. The DVD also includes Bonus Content including the original Shanghai Romance Korean music video, and miscellaneous After School special footage.

The CD Regular Edition of Playgirlz contains only the CD album itself, along with a Japanese Version of Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” as a bonus track.


I really hope we can get their albums really soon in INDIA too!^^


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